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It’s been over five years since LeAnn Rimes stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandi Glanville.

The homewrecking couple moved so quickly in the early months of their relationship that many assumed LeAnn would be knocked up before they reached the altar.

Instead, it’s five years later and all that LeAnn and Eddie have created together is the worst reality show in history.

As the years go by and LeAnn’s biological clock begins to tick so loudly it can be heard from space, it becomes increasingly apparent that she’s far more interested in the idea of procreating than Eddie is.

But if her latest Instagram post is any indication, Cibrian may not have a say in the matter anymore:

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The photo on the right may look like nothing special, but it’s the hashtags used in the caption that have caught the Internet’s attention, most notably LeAnn’s use of "#babydaddy."

Given the history of bad blood between Rimes and Glanville, it seems unlikely that LeAnn would be referring to her husband as Brandi’s baby daddy, so what gives?

Is there a sonogram inside that envelope, or is LeAnn just messing with us?

She’s equal parts baby crazy and attention starved, so either is possible.

Considering LeAnn baby bump rumors have been circulating for over six weeks now, she may want to clear this whole thing up soon.