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Late last month, Kaley Cuoco underwent sinus surgery.

Naturally, she shared some post-op selfies with the world (Kaley documents just about every moment of her life for her Instagram followers) and the pics led to rumors that Kaley had gone under the knife for a nose job.

The actress aptly pointed out that if she’d had plastic surgery she wouldn’t have bothered lying about it. (Kaley talks about her boob job with pretty much anyone who asks.)

Of course, that comment did little to silence the haters, so Mrs. Cuoco-Sweeting decided to have some fun with the rumor on her IG page today:

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"Ok. You all got me," Kaley captioned the above photo. "I’ve been trying to keep this under wraps, but the swelling has gone down and I’m here to show the results of my recent nose job. Thanks Dr. Silly Putty for his amazing work."

In other KC news, Kaley’s comments on feminism continue to draw criticism despite her best efforts at back pedaling.

Kaley was on the receiving end of the Internet’s wrath following a recent Redbook interview in which she stated that she can’t be a feminist, because she enjoys "being a housewife."

"It was really completely blown out of proportion," Kaley told Access Hollywood yesterday. "If I was a guy and I said those things, I’d be Superman."

We’re not sure what that means, but we’d think that given Kaley’s romantic past, she would avoid Superman comparisons at all costs.