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When Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, it’s because the world was shocked by the size of her massive badonkadonk.

Not everyone can both sit on theirs and set a glass of champagne on it. That’s talent.

Anyway, the Kardashian-ass is both a big part of Kim and a big part of her career, so naturally any photographer who was shooting her would want to accentuate that iconic booty, right?

Apparently not. Yes it seems that – ironically – butts aren’t that big in the land Down Under:

Kim Kardashian: Photoshopped?

That’s Kim posing for Australian Vogue. She posted the pic to her Instagram page today, and immediately, many fans pointed out that it looks as though she’s suffered some sort of butt reduction.

It’s not as disastrous as past Kim Kardashian Photoshop fails, but it raises a lot of questions:

First and foremost, why hire Kim Kardashian if you’re not looking to photograph a giant ‘donk?

If Aussie Vogue was shooting Courtney Stodden, would they take her chest down a few cup sizes? We don’t get it.

Anyway, if this is part of the "new vision" for 2015 that Kim’s been promising, we want nothing to do with it.

This is America. We like our butts like we like our SUVs and assault rifles: cartoonishly ginormous. 

Kim Kardashian: Photoshopped?