Kate Gosselin: Lying About Who Watched Her Kids During Celebrity Apprentice?

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Last week, Kate Gosselin was fired from Celebrity Apprentice, and if you opened your windows during the episode, you could hear the chorus of that "witch is dead" song from The Wizard of Oz ringing out across the land.

Bad news for Kate, but hey, at least she can get back to caring for her eight kids now, right? Hey, by the way, who was watching her kids during the three weeks that she was filming? Well, that depends on whom you ask:

Kate Gosselin Pissed

Kate appeared on The Wendy Williams Show this week and naturally, Wendy asked - in the snarky fashion for which she's become semi-famous - "Who was watching the kids? Because we know it wasn't John."

"No, it wasn't," Kate confirmed. "They were with two essential pseudo family members who they've known forever. They actually live in Montana now. I brought them out to spend the entire time with my kids."

It was an odd response, considering Jon Gosselin had previously claimed that he had watched the kids for the entire three weeks of filming:

"I had the kids while she was filming," Jon recently told Extra. "For three weeks. It was great."

Yes, apparently the massive brood didn't interfere with Gosselin's DJ career. Unless he's lying. Which he probably is:

One friend says Gosselin did watch the kids, but "not for the entire time. Others helped as well."

So they're both lying? Why would Kate claim she kept her kids from their dad even though she would be gone for three weeks?

"Kate wants to make Jon look like a bad father," says the insider. Sounds about right. Fortunately for her, anyone who's seen the early seasons of the Gosselin's reality show knows that they're both terrible parents.

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