Snickers Super Bowl Commercial: Danny Trejo Meets The Brady Bunch!

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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?

More like Danny, Danny, Danny in the just-released Snickers Super Bowl commercial that will air for the first time on television this Sunday.

The 30-second spot features veteran actor/very tough guy Danny Trejo acting opposite Mike and Carol Brady in a scene that takes place after arguably the most famous moment in Brady Bunch history:

When Peter struck Marcia in the nose with a football prior to her big school dance.

"An eye for an eye. That's what dad always says," a furious, axe-wielding Trejo says, to which Mrs. Brady insists that her oldest daughter eat a Snickers because she gets “a little hostile” when hungry.

Upon taking a bite, Marcia starts to feel better, although this cues an appearance by Jan Brady, complaining about all the attention her sibling is receiving.

And which award-winning actor is playing Jan? Watch and find out!

Among other upcoming Super Bowl commercials we've enjoyed so far, one stars Charlotte McKinney and another stars Kim Kardashian.

Toggle through past and present winning Super Bowl ads below and decide on your favorite. Or your second favorite, we should say.

Clearly, the Budweiser puppy commercial is the best...

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