Once Upon a Time Return Poster: Darkness Will Fall

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Darkness is about to fall over Storybrooke.

On March 1, Once Upon a Time Season 4 FINALLY returns from a very lengthy hiatus - and it will do so by introducing a trio of new villains.

One of these incoming bad guys gals we've already met on multiple occasions, Kristin Bauer’s Maleficent; but the other two will at least be familiar to any long-time Disney fans:

Ursula (Alias‘ Merrin Dungey) and Cruella de Vil (Dracula’s Victoria Smurfit).

Once Upon a Time Poster

Yes, The Queens of Darkness on coming.

ABC unveiled the above poster on Twitter last night, teasing the formidable arrival of these three women, all of whom have been rounded up Rumplestiltskin, who was cast out of town on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 12.

Which queen of Darkness are you looking forward to learning more about?

What sort of twist will the series put on these iconic characters?

Sadly, we need to wait until March 1 for Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13 to air and to, hopefully, receive a few answers.

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