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Kaley Cuoco continues her streak of over-sharing personal details of her life with Cosmo.

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First, Kaley confessed that dating Henry Cavill made her career, now she’s not only revealing that she got breast implants at the tender age of 18, the actress also describes the procedure as "the best decision of my life."

Kaley didn’t go into any great detail about the thought process behind the decision, but we’re guessing it was something to the effect of she had small boobs and she wanted bigger boobs.

That’s thinking we can usually get behind, but 18?! 

Either Kaley was forced to wait until she could legally make such a decision on her own or the implants were a graduation present from parents who were very supportive of her acting career.

Either way, 18 is mighty young to start "enhancing" yourself. 


But who are we to judge? Kaley looks great and as her CBS sitcom wraps up its seventh season, her career is hotter than ever.

Plus, if plastic surgery helps prevent her from resorting to stuff like fake haircut pranks for attention, we’re totally in favor of it. 

We just hope 18-year-old girls aren’t reading Cosmo and basing major decisions on what worked for Kaley Cuoco.