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JWoww and fake boobs go together like Snooki and astonishing weight loss, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by this photo the former Jersey Shore posted online over the weekend:

JWoww Baby Fake Boobs Photo

Yes, that’s 6-month-old Meilani all dolled up and ready for the boardwalk.

J-Wizzle posted the pic to her blog with an explanation that it was part of a game to see which parent Meliani most resembled.

"Roger decided to give Meilani a baby beard, faux hawk and muscle tee so she would look like him," Jenni wrote. "But then we gave her some fake boobs, hair extensions and some hot pink sunglasses and she definitely looks more like me!"

When JWoww gave birth back in July, there was hope that she would pull a Snooki and surprise everyone with her class and maturity.

Now it’s looking like that ship has sailed.

In addition to turning her daughter into a Deena Nicole Cortese doppelganger (Remember her?) JWoww’s been talking post-child birth sex in every interview and giving regular, TMI updates on the state of her vagina.

So instead of Jenni maturing into a health nut MILF like Nicole, JWoww and Snooki just switched places and Snooks is now the level-headed grownup that JWoww used to be.

It’s like we’re in some fist-pumping spray-tanned version of The Twilight Zone.

But hey, say what you will about lil Meilani’s new look, it’s still way less disturbing than the vagina cake Snooki gave JWoww.