Jon Hamm: Sloppy Drunk at Golden Globes After Party

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The line between Jon Hamm and Don Draper continued to get blurrier over the weekend, as did everything else in Hamm's field of vision.

Perhaps it was his despondency over Mad Men being snubbed by the Golden Globes, or the pressure of everyone talking about his penis, but for whatever reason, Hamm looked positively smashed while leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night.

Jon Hamm Drunk

Yes, he of the Giant Dong took a break from slamming Kim Kardashian to slam a drink or 12 at one of the many Golden Globes after-parties that took place in LA last night.

In true Dick Whitman fashion, Hamm left the party looking sh-tfaced and morose. The rest of his style, however, was totally non-Don.

The beard, the hipster hat, the giant wet spot on the front of the jacket...If this guy stumbled up to you on Sunset Blvd, you'd expect him to ask you for change, not pitch you a campaign for Lucky Strike.

It's one thing when Johnny Depp is drunk after an awards show, but we've come to expect more from Hamm.

Not that we want him to stay sober or anything. It would just be nice if he would put on a tailored suit before vomiting on himself. Have some dignity, ya know?

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