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The Hot Tamale Train has made it’s final stop.

So You Think You Can Dance judge and choreographer Mary Murphy announced today that she will not be returning for the show’s 12th season.

Murphy was not offered a contract extension by Fox, and while no reason for the termination was given, it seems that there is no bad blood between the network and the 56-year-old fan favorite.

“I’m saddened, of course, to be released from my contract,” reads a statement from Murphy released today. “I’m very grateful and proud to have been part of such an extraordinary TV show for 11 seasons.”

“I’m sure there wasn’t a person watching who didn’t know I loved what I did. Thank you to the dancers and choreographers who inspired and enriched my life every week…It has been a great pleasure and honor to be part of the dance wave that went global.”

She signed the release, “The Conductor of the Hot Tamale Train, Mary Murphy.”

Throughout her years on the show, Murphy may have been as well known for turbulent personal life as for her dance expertise.

Thrice divorced, Murphy has spoken openly about the abuse that she suffered in her first marriage.

Her second two ended amicably, and she issued a heartfelt statement of grief following the death of her second husband, even though they had been divorced for several years.

Murphy went on to battle thyroid cancer herself, and is now in full remission. In 2012, Murphy was sued by her manager stiffing her on commissions, as well as using drugs and sleeping with SYTYCD producers.

With all that drama, it sounds like Mary should have no problem landing herself a spinoff reality show!