Johnny Manziel Caught Using Cocaine in Vegas Nightclub?

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Johnny Manziel has yet to take a snap for the Cleveland Browns, but the rookie prospect already has a career's worth of scandals behind him.

Just last week, Manziel was partying with Justin Bieber and the festivities were so rowdy that cops were called to the scene on two separate occasions.

Prior to that, of course, Manziel was investigated for selling autographs to fans, a major violation of NCAA rules.

Now, it seems the so-called Johnny Football may have been caught preparing to snort cocaine in a Las Vegas nightclub.

Johnny Manziel Rolls Bill

The above photo was taken by an anonymous clubgoer over the weekend and posted to Twitter yesterday. 

While it certainly doesn't provide any conclusive evidence of drug use, Manziel can clearly be seen rolling s $20 bill into a straw-like tube, a common practice amongst cocaine users in need of homemade paraphernalia.

Manziel has yet to respond to the substance abuse allegations, or even confirm or deny that he is the man in the photo, but several media outlets have verified that Manziel was in Vegas this past weekend. 

Many fans have called for the NFL to drug test Manziel immediately, but the league has yet to comment on the allegations against the Browns' much-hyped draft pick.

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