Jillian Anderson: Censored on The Bachelor While Clothed!

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Jillian Anderson may or may not win Chris Soules' final rose (see The Bachelor spoilers to learn how she fares), but she has already made Bachelor history.

On this week's episode alone, the 28-year-old news producer produced two of the most dubiously memorable moments in the HISTORY of the ABC show:

  1. She slipped, fell and cackled in the most epic rose ceremony fail of all time.
  2. She managed to get censored while wearing a bikini bottom ... and jeans.

The first of these aforementioned incidents at least made sense, even if it was hilariously painful to watch her mishear her name, try to step back and take a spill.

The censorship, on the other hand? As random and inexplicable as it gets.

Jillian Anderson was clearly wearing a bikini bottom on the show, yet her backside was blacked out with a censoring box in one scene. As was her front.

It didn't look like Jill was wearing a thong or something super reveling - she said on Twitter was your standard H&M bikini - but it soon got 10 times weirder.

She was continually censored out, from all angles, and in more clothing.

At one point, The Bachelor cameras even zoomed in for a gratuitously tight shot of Jill's butt, only to censor that too ... while she was wearing jeans.

Viewers were speculating about the seemingly excessive censorship of Jill, which fellow contestant Jordan Branch blamed on her lack of ... trimming.

Branch, who has been eliminated (Anderson is still on the show), took that back on Twitter, saying she was just drunk at the time she uttered that quote.

Jordan definitely got her drink on, so we believe that ... what we can't believe is that Jill is so unruly below the belt that she requires a constant black box.

No comment from The Bachelor producers on this hairy situation.

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