The Bachelor Rose Ceremony Fail: The Best (Worst?) Six Seconds in Reality TV History

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If The Bachelor spoilers can reveal the most important details - who goes on hometown dates, who wins, who has a Playboy past - why even bother tuning in?

For moments like this one from Monday night's rose ceremony.

You need to see it for yourself, because It. Was. Awesome.

The epic fail to end all epic fails came after The Bachelor star Chris Soules called on Juelia to receive a rose ... but an anxious Jillian stepped forward instead.

Realizing her error instantly, she attempted to backtrack.

That's when she slipped, fell over and cackled awkwardly in a moment that was beyond hilariously uncomfortable and perfectly summed up The Bachelor.

Put yourself in her shoes for just a moment here:

You're in a room full of women waiting to be "chosen" by one man. He "picks" you, then you realize he made a mistake. Then you freeze, trip, slip and fall.

All on national television, to boot. Ah. Mazing.

Luckily for Jillian, she did receive a rose later on in The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2 ceremony, so she doesn't have to actually exit the show this way.

Can you even imagine if she didn't get one?

Check out the gallery above to see the other ladies competing for Chris' affections this winter on the MOST DRAMATIC and ROMANTIC season ever.

He's already down to "only" 18 of these 30. Who will be the Chosen One to return with Soules to the Promised Land of Arlington, Iowa, this spring?

We cannot wait to find out. If it somehow turned out to be Jillian, this video would be one heck of a "first date" story to show their five children one day.

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