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Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 Kids (and Counting) has become the Christian community’s hottest bachelorette!

Younger sisters Jill and Jessa Duggar have courted and been married off to Derick Dillard and Ben Seewald, respectively, while Jana stays single.

She’s beautiful, sweet, selfless and has the patience of a saint. So what gives?

Zach Bates, Wife
Jana Duggar Image

While the Tim Tebow dating rumors were entirely bogus – he’s never even met her – it turns out one high-profile suitor did pursue her at one point.

United Bates of America star Zach Bates, 25, who also has 18 siblings, attempted to court Jana Duggar before he met wife Whitney Perkins in 2013!

After a few secret (but still chaperoned) dates, Zach even asked Jim Bob Duggar for permission to officially court Jana, a request the patriarch approved.

Jana did not, however. A source says she simply "was not interested."

“She wasn’t attracted to him and she just didn’t see it working out.”

Bates didn’t wait long before he moved on, marrying Perkins on December 14, 2013, and getting her pregnant with their son Bradley, born in October 2014.

Jana is still very single, but don’t believe the hype that Jim Bob won’t let her move on or has been forcing her to stay home with her (many) siblings.

In actuality, she has had "many" men interested in courting her.

“Jana has been seriously pursued by several guys,” a source said. “The problem is that Jana’s extremely picky. She wants the real deal and won’t settle for less.”

"She has never gotten to the courting phase with anyone," the insider says of the 25-year-old. "but she has spoken with interested men after church."

Whoa, slow down girl. Don’t wanna get carried away there.

The moral of the story is that strong morals and a good Christian background might make you Jim Bob approved … but Jana has even higher standards.