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Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia Giudice has written a new single about her mom going to prison as she continues trying to leverage that into a music career.

“My voice teacher and I, we sat down and we just basically like poured out our thoughts,” Gia said of “Just 13,” a track about growing up in the public eye.

“It was really just a song based on my experience and what I’m going through, and it was really just me and her like really writing it out and just expressing ourselves.”

Listen to it below and see what you think …

3KT - Just 13

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know Gia Giudice is the oldest of four daughters Teresa shares with convict husband Joe.

You also know Teresa is in prison right now, with Joe set to follow in her footsteps once his wife is released, which should happen early next year.

Gia Giudice is going through tough times, but hey, she’s in a band! Called 3KT! Can’t let a crisis go to waste when there are digital downloads to sell!

“I just want [fans] to know I’m okay, but also give them a little input of what I’m going through,” she said of the video, presumably meaning insight.

She sings in front of a backdrop, interspersed with framed family photos and even a clip from the Bravo show where Teresa Giudice blows her a kiss.

Gia, who just turned 14 (after "Just 13" was released), says she her three sisters are doing just fine with mom at Danbury Correctional Facility in Connecticut.

“We can talk to her on a daily [basis] and we have access to e-mailing her whenever we want. So that’s amazing," says the family’s de facto mother figure.

"It definitely helps with like coping with missing her and stuff.”

A little viral attention for Gia and her band doesn’t hurt either. We’re just saying. Gotta take your mind off of the pain, and when life hands you lemons …