Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles and Adele: Spotted Throwing Olives at People?

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Here's the kind of story you don't hear every day. It's also the kind of story that seriously makes us wish we were besties with J-Law.

Apparently, J-Law hangs with Adele and Harry Styles, and the A-list trio hit up the famous Craig's restaurant in LA recently.

One onlooker described the young stars as "laughing, having an amazing time, being loud and throwing olives at people walking by."

Jennifer Lawrence in New York
Harry Styles at the VMAs
Adele Picture

Yup. Hopefully, those olives were floating in martinis moments before they went airborne, otherwise, what the hell? Pimento projectiles should not be launched by sober people.

The news that Harry likes to hit the town and hurl finger foods at passersby with two of the biggest female stars of the moment is bound to lead to speculation of some sort of romantic involvement, but sadly, that dog won't hunt:

For starters, Harry is dating Nadine Leopold and things seem to be getting serious.

For her part, Adele is engaged to Simon Konecki...or so we think. The singer is fiercely private about her personal life, but we'll go ahead and assume she's not banging Harry.

Jen's situation is a little tougher to figure out, but as far as we can tell, she's back together with Chris Martin, which means flinging drink garnishes is by far the least boring thing she's been involved with in recent months.

So yeah. Nothing sexual going on here. Just three young, fabulously wealthy people tossing pitted fruit like at ain't no thang.

The best part is, they probably left an outrageous tip and all was forgiven.

Yes, the rich and famous can throw olives all they want.  Meanwhile, us peasants could get thrown out of the Olive Garden for demanding too many breadsticks.

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