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It’s official: an R-rated adaptation of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey will be hitting theaters on February 13.

The MPAA revealed the film’s rating today, citing “strong sexual content, graphic nudity and unusual behavior.”

They didn’t go into specifics, but we’re guessing some of that unusual behavior involves butt stuff.

Producers were understandably concerned about how the MPAA would rule, as the organization is notoriously secretive about its criteria, and an NC-17 rating is basically a kiss of box office death, even considering Fifty’s freaky fanbase.

Of course, some Christian Grey obsessives might be less than pleased with one of the concessions that filmmakers made in order to ensure an R-rating: No dong!

The Hollywood Gossip

Yes, Jamie Dornan will not appear nude in the film’s theatrical release.

There had previously been discussion of an NC-17 version of the film that would include fifty shades of peen, but those plans appear to have been scrapped.

Naturally, Dakota Johnson will appear nude in the film, because this is Hollywood and boobies sell, even when the film they’re featured in is targeted primarily at women. Hey, at least you can say you saw some naked Johnson!

In fairness, it would’ve been very difficult to make the film without showing Dakota nude, as the plot centers around her character’s sexual awakening. 

So if you’re a fan, you may wanna be concerned by the rumors that Dakota “isn’t coming off sexy” in early screen tests.

Check out the most memorable moments from the Fifty Shades trailer in the gallery below: