Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: The Cannonball Runs

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Last night's Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 5 featured an outhouse race, which is apparently a thing that exists and must be seen to be believed.

Who participated in this timeless pastime and why?

As Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 5 got underway, we were introduced to the concept of the outhouse race, which just made us love these guys more.

Is it for everyone? Of course not. Is it all in good fun?

Of course it is. And for a good cause, mostly. Jase took part in this wonderful activity to promote Willie's Duck Diner, and being Jase, he wanted to win.

If you're not into win, you might as well sit it out, no?

When an unexpected rival also took part in the event, however, he received quite a surprise. Were his dreams of triumph derailed on the spot?

Meanwhile, Willie was on a mission of his own this week.

That goal, one worthy of a CEO, was to create THE BEST bologna sandwich ever for his menu, with the ladies of Duck Commander on board.

To serve as taste testers, obviously. How did that go?

Follow the link to watch Duck Dynasty online and find out, but be warned ... this episode of the A&E reality smash may not be for the faint of stomach.

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