Dick Poop Receives Oscar Nomination in Hilarious Live Stream Flub

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During the live announcement of the 2015 Oscar nominations, Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs produced a viral flub that would make John Travolta proud.

She hilariously mispronounced Dick Pope's name as ... well, Dick Poop.

During the live streaming announcement of the 87th Annual Academy Awards nominations this morning, Boone Isaacs read off the nods for Best Cinematography.

When it came time to announce Dick Pope's nomination for Mr. Turner, she made sure that no one will ever forget his name, whether he wins February 22 or not.

Dick needs to call up Adele Dazeem and commiserate. She can relate.

Speaking of the amazing Frozen vocalist, it's unclear how Travolta famously turned Idina Menzel into that ... but at least "Idina Menzel" is a bit unusual.

Dick Pope is Dick Pope. Both are common, four-letter words!

Obviously, this instantly became a viral sensation with Twitter reactions and Vine videos galore, making for the true highlight of this morning's nominations.

We just hope no one did an image search for Dick Poop just to see if he was a real person. 'Cause you can't unsee some of those results on Google.

Or so we assume.

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