29 Fails That Weren't Yours at Least

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In case you need a way to feel better about yourself, here are 28 fails sure to do just that. You'll probably laugh until you cry.

1. Going Up

Going Up
This is what happens when you try to sherpa your belongings up an escalator.

2. Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen
Next time you're filming an audition tape for So You Think You Can Dance, make sure the door is locked.

3. Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy
Someone forgot to tell this dude how to sit in a recliner and watch football. Now he'll be scarred for life.

4. Robbery FAIL

Robbery FAIL
So that whole purse-snatching thing didn't work out so hot for this dude.

5. Attack Cat

Attack Cat
This isn't THE Attack Cat, but it certainly attacked this guy's face.

6. Poor Kitty Kitty

Poor Kitty Kitty
So this isn't a PERSON who'll make you feel like less of a fail, but you PROBABLY wouldn't fail as bad as this cat, right?

7. Farrah Fail

Farrah Fail
Farrah Abraham herself is enough to make anybody feel better about themselves, but her leaked sex tape? At least you didn't do that.

9. Puddle Jumping

We can't decide if SPRING failed or if this guy did.

10. Going Down


11. Dunkin' Don't

This guy's never gonna make it in the NBA.

12. Selfie Fail

Ahhh, the selfies. Some are so indulgent the only response is to get...kicked by a train?

13. Delivery Man Fail

FedEx delivers on time. As long as the driver can catch the truck.

14. Shut Down

This guy got shut down when he proposed to his girlfriend at a basketball game. Who failed more here?

15. Going Nowhere

Again with the escalators. THEY AREN'T THAT HARD!

16. Llama, Llama, Where's Your Mama?

Llama, Llama, Where's Your Mama?
This kid tried to ride a llama. Tried being the operative word.

17. Sir Mix A Lot

Sir Mix A Lot
Something tells us hair wasn't a part of the ingredient list for whatever this chick is trying to mix.

18. And They All Fall Down...Not

And They All Fall Down...Not
She had ONE JOB! All that time spent lining up the dominoes and they didn't even fall over. Sheesh.

19. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs
This is probably the reason that chairs are for sitting. In case you needed to know that.

20. Jump, Jump!

Jump, Jump!
Huh. Trampolines are probably dangerous because of the stupid things people try to do with them.

21. Dog Owner Owned

Dog Owner Owned
Sure, this pooch can put his leg behind his head faster than his owner, but let's see his downward dog.

22. Sexytime Fail

Sexytime Fail
Pole dancing classes are a thing for a reason. And stripper poles are also not bed posts FOR A REASON.

23. Tea Time

Tea Time
This toddler says it's NOT time for tea no matter WHAT you say. And what this toddler says goes.

24. Jackass

College kids, booze, balconies, and snow days are four things that don't mix. Unless they're auditioning for the next Jackass flick.

25. We've Got Spirit!

We've Got Spirit!
There's an obvious joke about cheerleaders and intelligence in here somewhere.

26. Catch Air

Catch Air
And who said white men can't jump, huh?

27. Balloon Battle

Balloon Battle
This is one of those gameshows where they make people do silly things like try to bite balloons. The bonus is that we get funny fail gifs like this one.

28. Don't Selfie and Drive

Don't Selfie and Drive
No really, don't selfie and drive, people. Just...don't do that.

29. Wedding Party Falls In Lake

An absolutely awesome video of a wedding party falling into a lake an hour before the ceremony in Minnesota.

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