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Earlier this week, actress Jessica Chastain posted a photo of herself as a senior in high school with the point of proving…that she’s always been pretty?

We’re not sure why she did it, but we’re guessing at this point that she wishes she hadn’t.

Jessica is relatively new to Instagram, having launched her account in 2014, so maybe she didn’t realize that celebrities quickly amass hundreds of thousands of followers, many of whom scrutinize their every post.

Chastain is likely realizing the downside of that much attention right now, as she’s officially the latest celeb to become the victim of plastic surgery rumors.

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Gawker claims that Chastain had a nose job before she became famous, and based on the photos above, we can see how a case could be made, but they’re not exactly hard evidence.

The site dug even deeper and uncovered these pics of Jess from elsewhere in the yearbook:

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Now we’re starting to come around to the argument that Jess has had some work done, but she is a Hollywood actress, after all, which means it would be newsworthy if she hadn’t been surgically touched-up.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that Chastain has been busted for misleading to the public. In 2012, it was revealed that Chastain lied about her age, claiming to only be 30 when she was actually 35.

Again, not exactly scandalous – especially in Hollywood – but it suggests a disturbing need to conform to certain standards.

We know there’s a lot of pressure on actresses, but someone please tell this woman that she’s talented, hot, and wildly successful. She can chill on the making everyone like her tip.