Brittany Musick: Jeremy Calvert is Still Hollering at Me! Leah Needs to Put Him on a Tight Leash!

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Is Leah Messer's husband Jeremy Calvert back to his shady social media ways? Oh yes, if you believe his would-be other woman, Brittany Musick.

The Calverts

Last week, upon Jeremy Calvert's return to Twitter, we learned he'd unfollowed Musick, the woman he tried to pick up while and Leah were on the rocks.

Now it looks like Brittany is still very much on his radar, however.

Calvert favorited one of Musick’s posts, a move that raised eyebrows for the single mom who came forward with his alleged indiscretions in the first place.

Last fall, Brittany Musick shared her sexy texts with Calvert after he claimed his marriage to Leah Messer had ended, leading to a bombshell scandal.

This followed Leah Messer being accused of cheating on Jeremy with Robbie Kidd, and combined, it looked like these issues would doom their marriage.

Not the case, though. The parents of one (Leah has twins from her previous marriage to Corey Simms) have worked it out and are now back together.

Which brings us to Jeremy's latest, greatest, dubious Twitter dealings:

Responding to a question about her new management, and why she's seeking representation, Musick asked a Twitter follower, “Why do you care?”

Calvert gave that tweet a Favorite, seemingly showing her some love ... but the blonde West Virginia native was not in a loving mood after he did so.

“I have tried moving on from this whole Leah and Jeremy situation and just let it be,” she explained to Radar Online. “And now he’s starting up again.”

Echoing a familiar refrain, Brittany says she fears for Leah and that her supposedly loving spouse is not back to being the devoted man he once was.

“Leah needs to keep her man on a leash,” Musick mused, unamused.

Despite cheating allegations on both sides, Messer let fans know she and Calvert are very much still married, gushing over him on New Year's Eve.

Will they be together by next New Year's? The jury is still out.

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