Jeremy Calvert Returns to Twitter, Unfollows Brittany Musick

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Looks like there might be something to those rumors that Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer are back together.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Picture

Following a messy breakup - during which Calvert accused Messer of cheating - Jeremy deleted his Twitter account and declared that he was done with social media.

Now, his account has been restored with one very important difference - he's unfollowed "other woman" Brittany Musick.

Calvert began "sexting" Musick shortly after he split from Leah. Now Brittany says their relationship is done, and Jeremy has decided to give Leah another chance.

The fact that Calvert has digitally severed ties with Musick has been taken by many as confirmation that he and Messer are back on.

Family and friends are reportedly hoping that Messer and Calvert won't continue to air their dirty laundry in public:

"He deleted his account because he knew it had caused too much trouble," a source says of Jeremy distancing himself from Twitter. "He was drinking and tweeting without thinking about the consequences."

Calvert's habit of mixing booze and social media was sometimes obvious:

He not only accused Leah of cheating in a series of angry tweets, he also called her a "slut" (and worse) in the days following their breakup.

Here's hoping these two can be a bit more civil to one another the second time around.

Watch Teen Mom online to see just how dysfunctional the Leah-Jeremy relationship can be.

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