American Idol Season 14 Episode 8: The City By The Bay

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We're down to the final night of American Idol Season 14 auditions with another stint in San Francisco. Next week they'll all head to Hollywood to begin the process of elimination, boot camp style.

But first, let's see how many of tonight's contenders make it that far...

American Idol Season 14 Judges in San Francisco

We've seen more bad auditions in San Francisco than in any other city this season, so either the home of the Golden Gate bridge isn't bringing the talent this year or the producers are holding out on us.

But we are getting a lot of Harry Connick Jr. on piano which doesn't suck.

Adanna Duru has a great stage name. Except that's her real name. I think. Growing up her brothers told her to stop singing. They're crazy. Her take on "You and I" is spectacular. Maybe even better than Gaga herself. When she hits the chorus she shouts jus a smidge, and Harry suggests she pay attention to each lyric she sings. Jennifer and Keith loved her. She's going to Hollywood.

Christopher Michael auditioned with a song he wrote while stressed out which he says he "spit out like butter." It's...terrifying. Keith loved his passion but that was it. Harry said the point was to move people and the song made him angry. They give him a no as they should. 

Malibu, California girl Hunter Larsen is lively and very spunky. And she can sing, at least for the short little audition number she chose. Jennifer called her memorable. Keith says "it was immediate" and Harry agrees. They give her a golden ticket which is great since she has a Willy Wonka tattoo on her side.

Tara Honda auditions with a throwback number and the judges tell her she makes it sound original and modern. They send her down the road to Hollywood, too.

Fun fact: Former American Idol contestant Carly Smithson is working as one of the pre-celeb judge judges deciding who gets out of the arena and into the convention center. 

Daniel Seavey has been 15 years old for 2 months, and he comes in wearing his guitar but auditions with the piano, playing and singing "Hallelujah." He's going to be a really talented guy once his voice finishes changing. After he plays the guitar, Keith asks him to play again, so he picks Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" which is probably 10 years older than he is. Maybe more. Keith wants to know what he's doing to work through his voice breaking. Jennifer says he has a really great voice and he's musically talented, but he's nervous. Harry says he has a lot of what it takes to be on American Idol but not the maturity. 

Harry gives him a no. Keith says the interesting thing about Hollywood is that people come back and sing again and maybe what they need is to see him again and gives him a yes. Jennifer's on the fence but sends him to Hollywood.

Following Daniel is a Rocky Peter whose father abandoned him, his brothers, and his mother in Nigeria after sending them back to Africa after Rocky was born. They were homeless and scavenged for food in trash cans and dumps. He returned to America and now he's here hoping his life can change. He sings an original song called "Wrong Places," and while the lyrics don't make much sense, there's a nice tone to his voice and a falsetto that will be hard to beat. Harry says he's talented and loves the lyrical choices he made. Jennifer loves his voice and said she could hear the pain in his song. Keith isn't sure that what Rocky does is compatible with Idol. 

Keith votes yes. Jennifer votes yes. Harry votes yes. 

Jaq Mackenzie is a student in Santa Monica who comes in with her guitar but decides to sing an original song and doesn't use it. She' Her song is apparently titled "You Waste My Time" and that's kind of what I'm thinking of this audition. Jennifer says she has the makings of a really great day. Harry can't decide if Hollywood would help or hurt her. Keith likes her distinct style but says she's an artist in the making. Jennifer says yes on the grounds that Jaq's an artist. Keith sends her forward with a yes, so Harry's vote doesn't even matter. But he would've said yes.

Closing out the Season 14 auditions is Tyanna Jones from Clearwater, Florida. Her family overcame homelessness with the help of their church and their pastor. Keith asks her about her journey to Idol and she talks about the flight there. She's so delightfully young and I love her. She auditions with Little Mix's "Wings" and really falls into the song when she hits the bridge. Jennifer says she's very talented. Keith asks what she's working on and she answers "pitch." Harry tells her she's extremely talented with a lot of potential. She gets a ticket to Hollywood and bursts into tears. 

The American Idol Season 14 contestants--over 200 of them--will hit the pressure cooker known as Hollywood week next Wednesday. Guess what that means:


Let's do this, Idol.

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