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Earlier this week, Teresa Giudice resolved to eat fewer carbs in 2015.

It’s an admirable goal for anyone interested in losing weight, but it’s also one that should maybe be lower on the priority list of someone about to spend many months in jail.

So THG is taking over from here!

What should Giudice actually resolve to do in the new year?

What about Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift? Who should make it a point to chill the eff out? Who should end her unhealthy relationship? Who really has to stop having children?

Like the rest of us, celebrities across all industries have made a variety of resolutions for 2015; some of the personal variety, some of the professional variety and nearly all concocted by the THG staff.

Click through the above photo gallery to see what various singers, actors and reality stars are vowing to do differently in the 12 months ahead.