Tori Spelling Lets Her Kids Watch True Tori?!

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True Tori may be one of the most unsettling reality shows to ever make it to air. Heck, aside from maybe the Kennedy assassination, it might be the most unsettling thing ever filmed.

Of course, Tori's gone on record as saying she hopes fans watch True Tori instead of getting their news from tabloids

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It's an odd remark for her to make, because there's no way Tori and Dean could possibly look any worse than they do on their cringe-inducing reality show. 

Which is why we were a bit surprised to find out that Tori lets her kids watch the Lifetime network trainwreck:

"They watch certain scenes we let them see," Tori said in a recent interview with E! "They know that there's adult material and that mommy and daddy are working on their relationship and that that's maybe something that's not appropriate for them."

"When they're adults, I do hope to sit down with them and show them the footage and say, 'This is what mom and dad went through. We survived it. We came out on the other end and we're stronger and better than ever because of it.'"

Sounds fairly harmless at first. After all, it's not the kids are allowed to sit down and watch entire episodes featuring their mom and dad being terrible to each other.

But then you remember that Tori and Dean come off as awful people much every scene of the show! Seriously, that's why Dean McDermott is quitting!

What scene are they showing that's child appropriate? The closing credits?!

Watch True Tori online to see if you can pinpoint a single scene that you'd feel comfortable showing a 5-year-old.

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