Teresa Giudice: Blindsided By Joe Giudice Divorce Filing After Entering Prison?

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As Teresa and Joe Giudice prepare for their successive prison sentences, there's a twist on the horizon that no one saw coming, according to reports ...

He's going to file for divorce once she's locked up!

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Those of us who watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online know that his spouse’s diva behavior has caused more than a few rifts over the years.

Well, it turns out that Joe has had enough of this nonsense at long last.

Radar claims he has already hired an attorney and is gearing up to blind side the mother of his four kids once she begins her prison sentence in January.

How much of a blind side move could this be, you ask, if it's already in the tabloids? Well, Teresa Giudice lives in denial as we know, so that's a factor.

Word did get back to the reality star, and here's how she responded:

“She simply shrugged it off! She is absolutely living in denial about going to prison, so Teresa doesn’t think Joe would ever leave her, or file for divorce.”

Rumors of Joe Giudice cheating never seem to bother her either.

As for why Joe is ready to pull the plug on their marriage?

Turns out he blames Teresa for a lot of the mess they're in now.

The source continued: “While Joe does take responsibility for his role in the bankruptcy fraud case, it was all done under the pressure he felt from Teresa.”

“Joe always felt pressure from Teresa," the insider says, to deliver the lifestyle she demanded, "the biggest house, best clothes, and luxurious vacations."

If they did split up legally, it would be easier than you'd think, given that "there are no financial assets to split up,” the source said. Talk about a silver lining.

“They owe more than $13.5 million to creditors, and there is just no money coming in ... Joe will take care of the kids financially, but Teresa will be on her own.”

We'd take this report with a grain (or like 13.5 million grains) of salt for now, but can you imagine if he really did send Teresa divorce papers in prison?

This is probably how she'd react in the cafeteria, times 100:

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