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Stephen Collins is speaking out in greater detail about his dark past, discussing with Katie Couric his history of sexual abuse that recently went public.

An early look at the segment, which will air on 20/20 on Friday, shows Collins reflecting on his faults and his growth since the disturbing acts occurred.

“I had put that stuff behind me,” he said, only to have an admission of molesting young girls and exposing himself to them in therapy leak to the media.

Stephen Collins admitted sexually abusing underage girls in a session with his estranged wife Faye Grant, then confirmed it in a statement on Wednesday.

Now, he tells Couric more of what he told People yesterday: The allegations are true, but decades old, and things he has dealt with privately and seriously.

“In 1973, there were two occasions when I exposed myself to this young woman,” he admits to Couric. “Several months later, she came to visit and stay with us.”

“With my first wife and me. My wife had gone to sleep, she and I were watching TV alone together… I knew that something unthinkably wrong had just happened.”

Stephen Collins Admits to Child Molestation

“I’m a flawed person,” Collins said. “In the church, it’s actually one of the things I love about the church… it’s really one of the main things about the Christian faith.”

“You know, Christ said in so many ways,” he continued, “‘Bring me that… which about you is broken, bring it,’ and most people are broken in some way.”

“Most people get to, or have to, or choose to hide it. This came out. I didn’t choose this to come out. I didn’t want to have to deal with these things publicly.”

“I had dealt with them very, very strongly, and committedly, in my private life, but I think, I’m a human being with flaws and I’ve done everything I can to address it.”

The news of Collins’ child molestation came as a shock to his fans, who knew the actor best for his role as doting father and moral Rev. Camden on 7th Heaven.

It remains unclear how audio from his therapy session with Faye Grant possibly made it onto TMZ, but that’s the way things seem to go these days.