Stars Decorate for the Holidays: Selfies, Kittens and Mario Lopez in His Underwear!

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What does Kim Kardashian have in common with Kevin Bacon? What trait does Taylor Swift share with Mario Lopez and Dita Von Teese?

They all love the holiday season!

With Thanksgiving now in the rearview mirror, celebrities can officially let their festive spirit soar, as we've collected a series of snapshots below that depict singers, reality stars and politicians all getting their Christmas decorations on.

Whose cat appears to be stuck in her tree? Who is considering the use of her Maltese as an ornament? Who isn't wearing any pants? And could Blue Ivy Carter get any cuter?!?

Click around the photo gallery above to see how Beyonce captured a beautiful silhouette of her daughter and also to see which celebrities are celebrating this special time of year together.

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