Janice Dickinson Describes Bill Cosby Rape in Shocking Detail: He Mounted Me Like the Monster That He Was

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Last month, Janice Dickinson accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, claiming that the TV legend drugged and raped her after a 1982 business meeting.

Today, Dickinson described the evening in vivid, emotional detail during an interview with CNN:

"I remember being humiliated, disgusted," Dickinson.  "I felt revulsion toward Cosby. Cosby was a very powerful man, probably still is. I trusted this man and I stuffed it. I compartmentalized it, because I was embarrassed."

Dickinson says she complained of menstrual cramps while at dinner with Cosby and he offered her a glass of wine. She claims that Cosby's musical director Stu Gardner then offered her a pill which he said would "take care of" the pain.

Shortly after taking the pill, Dickinson says she began to blackout in Cosby's hotel, and she realized what had happened immediately upon waking:

"There was a lot of pain downstairs. There was semen all over me and my pajama bottoms were off and my top was open. At that point - fight or flight - I packed up and got out of there."

Dickinson offered new details on the assault last week, including the revelation that she'd taken several photos of Cosby with a Polaroid camera moments before she blacked out.

At this point, 18 women have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct.

Cosby has denied the allegations through his lawyer, but he has consistently refused to speak about the charges himself.

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