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Rosie O’Donnell has only been back on The View for three months.

However, according to a new report, that has been three months too long for many associated with the program.

Insiders tell TMZ that O’Donnell hasn’t been any easier to deal with during her second go-around with the show than she was during her first, which only lasted one season.

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O’Donnell is described by the site as a “malcontent” who believed she would be the lead moderator when she agreed to make her return.


But that role has instead by filled by Whoopi Goldberg, who holds much of the power at The View – much to Rosie’s extreme displeasure.

Sources say O’Donnell is “very depressed” and scarcely speaks to anyone off camera. Ratings are down and many executives believe Rosie is the reason why.

O’Donnell, of course, has been her typically outspoken self over the past few weeks, wondering whether John Grisham is into child porn and flipping out at one point in front of the studio audience.

TMZ writes that O’Donnell may not last the season and a return in the fall of 2015 is “out of the question.”

A rep for Rosie’s, thought, shoots down this allegation, saying via statement:

“This is absolutely false! Whoopi Goldberg has been the moderator since Whoopi was hired and Rosie knew that before she took the job.”

If O’Donnell does decide to leave, here are some suggestions for who should come on board: