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MTV’s Laguna Beach recently marked its 10-year anniversary, so it makes sense that the Class of 2004, whose members starred on the show, did the same.

The most famous of that year’s alumni, Lauren Conrad, and her best friend Lo Bosworth, were among those on hand for their 10-year high school reunion:

“Um, we invented Post-Its,” Lo joked on Instgram, referencing the famous lie from the 1997 cult classic movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

You Know What You Did

They did sort of invent reality TV as we know it.

As we noted when we took back at the Laguna Beach cast then and now, there had never been a show quite like it when it first aired a decade ago.

How times have changed in the 10 years since.

Lauren Conrad married William Tell earlier this fall, having gone on to (and left) more reality stardom on The Hills, an even more popular MTV staple.


She now lives a quieter life under the radar now – as quiet as a best-selling author, designer and lifestyle maven can be – in L.A. and back in Laguna.

Joining LC and Lo for the reunion were the infamous Jen Bunney, who attended with her new husband, Taylor Dunphy. Kristin Cavallari was absent.

Given that she has two kids to wrangle, and husband Jay Cutler playing for the NFL’s Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving, we’re sure her friends understand.

Take a trip down memory lane, and check out what the Laguna Beach cast members are up to these days, by scrolling through the gallery below …