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Patton Oswalt spoke about Bill Cosby on a recent podcast, and said that the comedy world has known about the shocking sexual abuse allegations against him forever.

As a guest on the You Made It Weird podcast hosted by comic Pete Holmes, said Cosby’s alleged behavior was a badly kept secret among people in the industry.

That is shameful, he says, noting that all the Cosby accusers speaking out now likely means dozens, even hundreds more who have yet to come forward.

“The Bill Cosby thing is so f–king awful,” he said, and the actor-comedian explained why in a simple but profound way that really illustrates how horrible it is.

“What’s worse for comedians is a lot of us have known for a long f–king time. It was a very badly kept secret in the comedian world, and a lot of us would talk about it.”


“Bobcat Goldthwait would mention it all the time, and really people would just go, ‘ah, that’s bulls–t.'”

“It took this long, and what really drives me f–king crazy about it is the idea that these women… just imagine, he did the s–t he did when they were young and they were on this upswing.”

“‘Oh wow! My life is starting, my career’s starting… I’m gonna meet Bill Cosby,’ and this awful thing happens. They can never talk about it, so he’s just shot the ground out from under them.”

“Not just in that one incident, but for decades of their lives when they’re supposed to be enjoying the time when they’re in their physical prime, in their mental prime, enjoying life.”

“Some guy takes that away from them, he doesn’t lose a second of sleep over it… and by the way, how many women have come forward at this point, like thirteen?”

“That means that there’s hundreds. That means that there’s f–king hundreds. If you see one cockroach there’s a thousand in your house.”

“And they had to sit there for decades while this guy did this over and over again, didn’t lose any sleep, was beloved, and even now, everything is being taken away from him, but at worst he lives in comfy seclusion for the last years of his life. He lives in absolute luxurious exile for the rest of his life.”

“That is one of the horrors of life.’”

Many of his accusers likely agree, and as always, Patton can be counted on to speak candidly on topics many stars would likely rather shy away from.

The lack of attention paid to this worst kept secret – lots of people knowing, but not acting – in particular is a subject that warrants much more discussion.

Unless more people in the position to say something do so, millions of assault victims will continue to remain powerless and voiceless in such situations.

Oswalt’s comments come after the U.S. Navy revoked Cosby’s honorary title of Chief Petty Officer, and his Hollywood Walk of Fame star was vandalized.

The Los Angeles Times also reports that the LAPD is open to investigating Cosby, regardless of the statute of limitations on most or all of the claims.

Cmdr. Andrew Smith, an LAPD spokesman, said that “unfortunately, sexual offenses tend to be serial offenses. You find victim after victim after victim.”

The recent slew of allegations against Cosby began several months ago after comic Hannibal Buress called him a rapist during a stand-up comedy set.