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Lindsay Lohan recently spent several months living in London, and she only recently returned to the States last week.

She’s been making a big deal of the fact that she’ll be living in New York City now, as apparently Los Angeles is to blame for all of Lindsay’s problems.

But before settling in for a holiday season of getting her stocking stuffed and passing out on under the tree, Lindsay made one last jaunt to London to get celebrate this joyous time of year (read: get wrecked) with her little sister, Ali:

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The best part of this pic? That’s Lindsay and Ali arriving at a party! Linds showed up like this!

Apparently, Lindsay was in London to record a song with Duran Duran (?!) and she naturally decided to swing by the Love magazine/Balmain Christmas party where she proceeded to get thoroughly sh-thoused.

Following the news that Lindsay was moving back to America, we assumed she would fall off the wagon, but apparently it doesn’t matter what country she’s in. The girl just wants to celebrate her non-existent comeback!

With one picture all the talk about Lindsay “struggling to stay sober” has been thoroughly deflated. This girl’s not struggling to do anything except find the next party.

She can talk about taking over Hollywood or making a Mean Girls sequel all she wants, but we all know the only sequel we’ll be seeing from Lindsay is a gritty reboot of her original mug shot.