Kenya Moore: No WAY Apollo Nida Lied Just to Hurt Phaedra Parks

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Kenya Moore is again speaking out in her own defense, saying there's no way Apollo Nida is lying - or lying about lying, as it were - just to hurt Phaedra Parks.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know Apollo recently admitted he lied about Kenya Moore trying to sex him up on Season 6.

Moore says she is vindicated by Nida's admission, and subsequent apology to her for spreading this rumor. Kenya's co-stars remain fairly unmoved.

For her part, Phaedra says Kenya still sucks and that NeNe Leakes may be on point when she says Nida is now changing his story just to zing Parks.

But Moore says that while "I am the last person to attempt to understand how Apollo’s mind works,” there's no way he's lying merely for that reason.

“If I were going to prison for eight years and my only lifeline is my wife, why would I hurt her? Phaedra has his sons, who he desperately wants to see.”

Parks allows her boys Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 1, to be in touch fairly often with their dad, but they haven’t been allowed to see him behind bars yet.

Nida is currently doing hard time for fraud in a Kentucky correctional institution.

“Phaedra lets the boys talk with their father anytime and every time he calls,” Parks’ rep Steve Honig said. “Phaedra also has the boys write him letters and draw pictures."

She sends those to him, Honig continued, and, "he goes out of her way to enable the boys to communicate with their father, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.”

Just the same, Parks is divorcing Nida and has not wavered from that stance.

To that end, Moore notes that besides the kids, Parks is responsible for Nida’s affairs and that “she can make his life more comfortable while incarcerated.”

“Therefore, she holds all the cards,” adds Moore, in order to bolster her argument. “In my opinion, his wife would be the last person he would try to hurt now.”

“Unfortunately, the women on this show have tried to paint me as a crazy, drunken, delusional, wanton hussy and liar, none of which I am,” says Moore.

“What I am is a woman who has made mistakes and will continue to as I grow. What I am is a woman who doesn’t want to hurt families or break up happy homes."

"What I am is someone who is strong. What I am is a woman who will continue to be an eternal optimist and pray for those who try to harm me."

"What I am is not a victim," the beauty queen adds. "What I am is human.”

Stirring words from Kenya Moore, ladies and gentlemen. Stirring.

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