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It’s no secret that the Brandi Glanville-Eddie Cibrian divorce was an ugly one. In fact, four years after they finalized the end of their marriage, these two still take public shots at one another whenever they get the chance.

Cibrian’s reality show was basically created for the sole purpose of allowing Eddie and LeAnn Rimes to trash Brandi on TV, and now Ms. Glanville is returning the favor by airing her ex’s dirty laundry on her Bravo blog:

“It’s been five long years since we split and I would really just like the fighting to stop,” Brandi writes.

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“Eddie decided after my second best-selling book Drinking and Dating was released that he overpaid me in child support and would like to be reimbursed for the back payments – already spent on rent, food, and clothing to raise our children.”

“Since I didn’t have the cash lying around, he was happy to take it from my retirement fund, a small $114k.”

Suing the mother of your children is pretty low, but what may be even worse is the paltry amount that Eddie forks over for child support:


“One thousand a month is kinda sad for a guy who can $300k a year only working part time. So, now you know.”

Kinds sad, indeed. Especially since – if you were one of the very few people who watched Leann & Eddie – you know the series showed Eddie turning down the highest-paying job of his career so that he didn’t have to live apart from LeAnn for a few weeks.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online to see Brandi doing her best to be fabulous, despite being saddled with a deadbeat ex.