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Throughout his many brushes with the law, sources close to Justin Bieber have maintained that the singer gets his penchant for bad behavior from his troubled father, Jeremy Bieber.

Jeremy last made headlines when he was accused of kicking a woman in the face, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by the latest allegation against him. Even so, it’s pretty shocking stuff:

Ironically, it all started when Justin teamed up with PETA in 2011 for a campaign to encourage animal adoption.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala
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Together, Justin and Jeremy adopted an American bulldog named Karma with the understanding that Jeremy would take care of the dog at his home in Canada while Justin was on tour.

From the start, Jeremy was accused of being a negligent pet owner and refusing to properly train Karma.

After the dog bit Justin’s brother, Jeremy broke down and hired a trainer named Trevor Dvernichuk who now claims that he saw Jeremy throw Karma off of a second story balcony during a fit of rage last year.


Following the incident, Jeremy and Justin allegedly abandoned the dog, leaving him in Dvernichuk’s care.

Dvernichuk claims Jeremy recently decided that he wants the dog back, which is why he’s just now coming forward the abuse allegations.

Curiously, however, Dvernichuk says he’ll give the dog back to the Biebers as long as they compensate him financially for the year that he cared for the animal.

We’ll have more on this bizarre story as details become available.