Judy Huth Countersued By Bill Cosby: Does Teenage Accuser Actually Have a Case?

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Bill Cosby is countersuing Judy Huth, the woman accusing the legendary comedian of perpetrating sexual assault on her when she was just a teenager.

This begs the question: Does Judy Huth, currently the only one of Cosby's many accusers to actually sue him, have a case she can actually win?

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Cosby responded to her lawsuit by filing a counterclaim, alleging that she demanded $100,000 to keep quiet 10 years ago, the raised the sum to $250,000.

An embattled Cosby is seeking $33,000 in legal fees as well as unspecified monetary compensation for what his lawyer is calling an extortion attempt.

He obviously didn't pay her, but in recent weeks, more than a dozen women have alleged that Cosby drugged them and sexually assaulted them.

Huth alleges that in 1974, when she was just 15, she was given alcohol and then forced to perform a sex act on Cosby while at the Playboy Mansion.

She is seeking unspecified damages for "psychological damage and mental anguish," which she says have only recently been linked to the incident.

Cosby's court filing insists the "claims are absolutely false" and says that a psychologist has not supplied relevant certification about Huth's condition.

The LAPD will investigate any reports of abuse against Cosby, the department says, irrespective of whether the statue of limitations had expired.

Because she was a minor when the alleged abuse by Cosby occurred, Huth has a longer window to file suit accordingly due to a discovery rule.

In the case of childhood sexual abuse, a victim must prove that they discovered their psychological illnesses or injures within the past three years.

In addition to that, they must show that this newly-discovered issue was caused by the abuse in the past, which is just what her complaint alleges.

Legal experts believe that Huth can argue that it was only after Cosby's other accusers came forward that her "mental anguish" came to the surface.

It's not impossible to suggest the "significant problems throughout her life" could be linked to the sexual assault she claims the comedian committed.

However, Cosby and his lawyers could counter by saying that Huth did or could have known about the emotional distress and its causes earlier.

Particularly if he was approached 10 years ago to settle the case out of court, that puts her in a more precarious legal position to sue him in 2014.

As for whether the other accusers will now be more likely to choose to sue, it will likely be determined by the laws in their respective jurisdictions.

Three additional women have come forward via lawyer Gloria Allred to ask that the statute of limitations be waived they can pursue their legal options.

So far, Huth's lawsuit stands alone, and on somewhat shaky ground. Cosby's public persona, however, is clearly taking a hit from these shocking claims.

On the list of most trusted celebrities, he's fallen from #3 to #2,615 (!), according to one agency that ranks such things. So he's no longer in this league:

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