Joanna Krupa to Brandi Glanville: Get a Life, You Pathetic B-tch!

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Brandi Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live last week and the interview quickly veered into cringe-worthy territory.

Not only did Brandi discuss Eddie Cibrian's skills in bed, she also opened up about Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa.

More specifically, she dredged up the old rumor about Krupa's stinky vadge.

Yes, talk of Joanna's malodorous hoo-ha has been circulating around Bravo-land for years. (Thanks to a rumor started by Brandi). 

Not surprisingly, Joanna is not thrilled with the rumor (or Brandi) and she made her feelings known after running into a TMZ cameraman over the weekend:

"I think Brandi Glanville is the biggest trailer trash woman out there," Krupa says, not even waiting for the paparazzi to mention her rival.

"She needs to get a life. I'm sorry you're so pathetic that your husband left you. Stop talking about me. Does she have nothing to do with her life? She's trailer trash, that's what she is. She's making stuff up to make herself famous."

Then Joanna addresses Brandi directly, and as you might have guessed, it's not to invite her to a dinner party:

"Stop with the injections in your cheeks. You're never gonna be Eastern European. You can try to be me, but you're never gonna be me, b-tch!

Harsh words. But in fairness, Brandi and botox have been hanging out together a bit too much lately.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online to see the many phases of Brandi's face.

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