Jimmy Fallon Named EW Entertainer of the Year: Does He Deserve It?

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Sorry, Groot. Take a seat, Miley Cyrus. And please accept our apologies, Kim Kardashian.

But Entertainment Weekly has come out with its big year-end issue and the magazine has dubbed Jimmy Fallon as the Entertainer of the Year.

Jimmy Fallon: Entertainer of the Year

In fewer than 12 months as host of The Tonight Show, the former SNL cast member has turned the talk show into the craziest party in town, replete with games, laughs and Emma Stone lip-synching like a boss.

But Fallon, beloved around Hollywood for his humble attitude, insists to the publication that he ought to share the honor with his staff.

“We honestly have the best human beings for this job possible,” he tells EW. “They’re bleeding for the show. Everybody’s at their A game...

"They’re amazing people on Saturday Night Live, but I feel like we’re equal, if not better, than that crew. Because Saturday Night Live, they are truly magicians - but we’re doing this five days a week."

Jay Leno actually compares Fallon to Johnny Carson (“He’s probably more like Johnny than any other host. Johnny was very boyish when he was 40 years old, and Johnny had musical skills as well."), but Fallon says only one thing matters in 2015:

"I’ve gotta beat Emma Stone at lip-synching."

What do YOU think, THGers? Is Jimmy Fallon the Entertainer of the Year?

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