Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 9 Recap: Twerking it Out!

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When it comes to finding Redemption and righting past wrongs, the women of the Bad Girls Club came to the house this season ready to work it out.

Or Twerk it out, as the case may be.

"Twerk It Out" was the title of Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 9, conjuring up images of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Or even someone who can really Twerk.

Alas (or thankfully) Miles didn't make an appearance. Instead, we were treated to the cast getting down and dirty ... with some of their emotional baggage.

THAT will take some work/Twerk.

Oh yes, Family Weekend continued for the BGC and many, many personal issues were brought to the surface, some harder to deal with than others.

Meanwhile, the passing of a friend inspired Camilla to rethink her life, as a tragedy will sometimes do, and change her Bad Girl ways for good. Could she?

How did she vow to try, at least?

The answer to that is eye-opening, and we invite you to watch Bad Girls Club online and see it. If you're a fan of the show, the episode does not disappoint.

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