Jeremy Calvert: I Have PROOF Leah Messer Cheated With Robbie Kidd ... But I'mma Keep it Quiet

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Jeremy Calvert reportedly has hard proof that his estranged wife Leah Messer cheated with her ex, Robbie Kidd, but is keeping a lid on that evidence for now.

Jeremy Calvert on Teen Mom 2
Leah Messer Cries (Again)

According to Radar, Kidd has confessed that he hooked up with the married Teen Mom 2 star, despite his previous denials of any extramarital hanky panky.

Calvert, the celebrity news site claims, isn’t surprised in the least.

That's because he was literally 100 percent certain of his wife’s guilt - not 99, but 100 - and would not have put Leah on blast on Twitter if he wasn't sure.

Jeremy wishes he hadn't done that, granted, but that doesn't mean his accusation was off the mark or that Messer wasn't messin' around with Kidd.

“Jeremy has proof she cheated,” an insider says. “He regrets lashing out on Twitter about it, but wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t known for sure.”

Calvert "has easy access to the evidence," this Deep Throat says.

Despite that, he’s going to keep quiet for now, for the sake of the couple's daughter and in case it factors in to a possible divorce settlement between them.

“He wants to show people the truth, but everyone is telling him to lay low now,” the insider says, noting that Calvert may decide to initiate divorce proceedings.

The 25-year-old may decide to go public with the supposed proof of his wife’s infidelity and shady dalliances, but for now is keeping it under wraps.

Jeremy is hesitant to dump Messer, 22, because of their daughter Adalynn, 2, and because he disapproves of divorce due to his conservative upbringing.

This hasn't stopped him from hollering at Brittany Musick, however ...

Once their texts (above) were exposed, Musick spoke out in her own defense, saying she's no home wrecker. If anything, Leah Messer is a home wrecker.

This would certainly imply that Jeremy and Leah are already over.

Messer hasn't acknowledged this publicly, although she reportedly quit Teen Mom 2 anticipating the fallout ... only to ask back onto the MTV program.

In any case, Musick's supposed texts with Calvert, and subsequent quotes on the subject, make it sound like Jeremy only moved on because Leah cheated.

Musick, FYI, is also a cute, blonde single West Virginia mom.

Jer has a type is all. Just saying. We're still trying to get to the bottom of the truth here, and have a feeling that this saga is far from over. Stay tuned.

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