Jenny McCarthy: Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest Would Be PERFECT Together!

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Apparently, Ryan Seacrest introduced Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg.

The couple got married over the summer, and now Jenny is itching to return the favor by playing matchmaker for Seacrest. Unfortunately, Jenny's ideas about relationships are just as baffling as her views on vaccinations.

"Now I have to do that, I promise you," McCarthy said when asked about finding a New Year's Eve date for Seacrest. "I think Taylor Swift would be perfect."

Yes, Jenny has a strange definition of "perfect." Just close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine that couple. 

Taylor Swift Looking Good
Ryan Seacrest Smile

Hopefully, Taylor is wearing flats in your imagination, because in real life she's a full two inches taller than Seacrest.

Of course, that's just where there differences begin:

Taylor is 15 years younger than Ryan; she's remarkably talented, whereas he just sort of grins all the time like he's trying to sell you something; and most importantly - Taylor has a rep as one of the nicest people in the biz, while Ryan is rumored to be a world-class D-bag.

There are other reasons that Jenny's idea is ridiculous, of course, not the least of which is that Taylor is happily single these days, and she's made a point of saying that she's taking a break from guys in just about every recent interview. 

Besides, we still need time to get over the fact that Taylor's not dating Karlie Kloss. We're just not ready for her to move on yet.

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