Jenelle Evans: Amber Portwood's Boyfriend is Pathetic!

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It looks like the Jenelle Evans-Amber Portwood feud is back in full force!

Last week, we reported that Amber has a new boyfriend - a 43-year-old ex-con named Matthew Baier, who happens to be obsessed  with Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans for MTV
Prison For Portwood

Baier has been tweeting about Teen Mom for years, and has reportedly posted hundreds of tweets about Evans, most of them poking fun at the mother of two's addictions and relationship troubles.

Never one to shy away from a conflict, Jenelle has finally responded to all the trash talk from Amber's new dude, and as you might guess, she ain't happy about it.

"To date a man as pathetic as that is sad," Evans tweeted recently. "I'm sure the relationship won;t last the way he acts. Probably treats her the same!"

Jenelle went on to point out that her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, wasn't even aware that she was a reality star when they first started dating.

"I would never date someone who would bash our Teen Mom family," Jenelle wrote. "[Nathan] never watched Teen Mom in his life, had no idea who I was was, wasn't a fan or a hater."

Portwood's father died recently, and she cited that as a very good reason why she has no interest in re-launching her famous feud with Evans. At least not yet:

"I'm in absolutely no mood for this. My father just passed," Amber tweeted simply. We get the feeling she's prepping an angrier reply at this very moment.

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to see Jenelle and Amber at their most confrontational.

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