Kylie Jenner on Instagram: No Pants, All Lips

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Kylie Jenner has taken to Instagram to show off the two reasons why she's been named one of THG's Celebrities of the Year.

First, there's the 17-year old's insistence on posing for inappropriate photos, such as the one she snapped on Sunday herself not wearing any pants:

Kylie Jenner, No Pants

Then, there's theĀ Kylie Jenner lip injection rumor that the subject herself loves to perpetuate by sharing pictures of this plump body part for all to discuss and analyze.

To wit:

Kylie Jenner, Lips

Did Kylie actually undergo plastic surgery on this body part? We don't know.

Does she get off on stoking the fire of this rumor mill in order to remain relevant? The answer to that question is rather clear at this point.

Jenner, of course, has been making news for reasons aside from her legs and her lips over the past week or so.

Chatter about the teenager dating Tyga has exploded online, following a selfie of the pair looking cozy on the Internet and an instance in which the paparazzi caught them out after a quiet dinner together.

Tyga is 25. Kylie is 17. But Jenner really wouldn't be acting like herself if she were involved in a regular, age-appropriate relationship that failed to make headlines, would she?

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