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Amber Portwood’s father passed away Tuesday night at the age of 50. Shawn Portwood, Sr. was in a medically-induced coma and awaiting a liver transplant at the time of his death.

Portwood struggled with alcoholism for much of his life, but had reportedly been sober for over a decade.

“When my father found out he had a liver condition 11 years ago, he quit drinking and turned his life around,” says Shawn Portwood, Jr. “Amber and I were very close with him.”

Amber Portwood is Ready to Pop Off with Gary Shirley

In recent years, Amber has struggled with addiction herself.

The reality star even did 17 months in prison as a result of her inability to comply with the conditions of a drug treatment program, following her arrest for assaulting for Gary Shirley.

These days Amber is back in the news due to her relationship with 43-year-old Matt Baier.

Baier is 19 years her senior and has a history of severe legal problems. Many feel that Baier is likely to cause problems for Portwood, who has admitted in the past that she’s still tempted to do drugs “every day.”

Sources say Portwood visited her father in his Florida hospital room last weekend, but was forced to return to Indiana due to a case of strep throat.

She and Baier are reportedly headed to back to Florida for funeral services that are expected to take place next week.