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Continuing to turn over a new leaf in life, Jenelle Evans has evidently buried the hatchet with another fellow Teen Mom star, ending a long-running feud.

Jenelle and Amber Portwood have hashed out their differences, and amazingly, they did so while taping MTV’s Ask The Moms special in August.

In other words, they made up in private, and kept it to themselves!

After Portwood admitted she doesn’t follow Jenelle Evans on Twitter after “some stuff” occurred and suggested she could benefit from prison time.

“With her just saying ‘she needs to hit rock bottom before she’s able to pick herself up,’ I think we’re both in different situations,” Jenelle reflected.

“We both just dealt with it differently,” Evans added.

Amber Portwood served 17 months behind bars after multiple arrests and failing to properly complete a mandatory drug program. She’s free now.

She says she only meant to help Jenelle with her previous criticism that prison time would do her good and that she was headed down that road.

“Everything that I said [about Jenelle] … it wasn’t to be an a–hole and it wasn’t to be mean,” Portwood said on the Ask the Moms special.

“It was simply because she’s going through the same s–t that I used to go through. It’s encouragement and wisdom because I’ve been there, done that.”

“I’m not saying I’m this wise person, but I did go to prison.”

Evans seemed to accept Portwood’s explanation, too.

“I’ve had absolutely no hatred toward Amber at all, I’ve actually related a lot to her because me and her were in the same boat,” she said, with surprising maturity.

“If you ever need to talk or anything, I know it’s a struggle … I’m there with you. I’m right here,” Portwood responded. “We’re good. We’re all good.”

While “Jenelle hasn’t talked to Amber privately” since then and the two may never be close friends, it’s clear there is no animosity between them.

That’s no fun … but it is good for everyone involved.