Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: The Next Chapter

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 9 marked the final installment of 2014 for the freshman CW drama. Let's break down a little bit of what went down last night ...

When Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 9 get underway, a young Jane is writing her first story. She wants to share this with Xo, but hears her mother arguing.

Xo's singing career is the point of contention. Fast forward many years later after this genesis, and her story was finally accepted for an online magazine.

Jane takes Rafael to her sonogram. The are taking the relationship slowly, which is loosely based on her mom and which she does not want them to use.

At the sonogram appointment, Jane is very nervous and begins to ask Rafael about his religious beliefs, which are non-existent, leading to a bigger issue.

How will they raise the child? What are their values. All is well with the baby, though, which is the most important thing, and for now, she tables the discussion.

Everything is looking up for about 30 seconds until Petra arrives and calls dibs on the baby (basically) due to a deal she made with Rafael re: her miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Xo is very nervous about an upcoming meeting with a record producer. Follow the link to watch Jane the Virgin online and see how it turned out ...

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