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A Detroit Lions fan reportedly spotted a woman cheating on her boyfriend on Thanksgiving and decided to reveal this to the guy. How did he do this, you ask?

The details of this surprising alleged act of infidelity and its exposure could only happen in the age of text messaging, Facebook and Reddit. Read on …

The Lions fan, reading over a pregnant woman’s shoulder, eavesdropped and saw her writing to another man about getting together with him later.

He then decided to report the “inappropriate text message conversation” to the oblivious boyfriend, who was sitting right next to her without a clue.

Scribbling a brief note to enlighten the guy (above), he reportedly shared more details about the purported texting in a Facebook post that went viral.

“I was at the Detroit Lions game today when I noticed this woman who looks 8 months pregnant in a seat in front of me texting a man,” he recalls.


She was writing “messages like ‘I wish I was with you all day’ and ‘I will see you as soon as I’m done with him,’” wrote the guy who busted her.

“She kept hiding her phone every time her partner put his arm around her or reached in to talk to her,” he says, further proving she was up to no good.

He decided he had to act, writing the following hand-written note on what appears to be Ford Field stadium issue toilet paper to slip him when she got up:

“‘Hey bro, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. When you get home check your girl’s phone. She’s been texting ‘Jason’ saying she wishes she was with him all day!”

The identity of the man was not revealed, nor is it known whether the couple is still together, OR if the entire thing was a total sham or misunderstanding.

Imagine if it were true, though, and the guy found out about it in this unexpected manner? Talk about a new spin on awkward text message breakups