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Jessica Simpson seems to be enjoying married life, and fortunately for us, she’s been documenting just about every minute of it on social media.

Whether it’s a photo of Eric Johnson wearing her underwear on his head as a Halloween costume, or a shot of her new husband tossing their baby in the air, Jess knows how to keep things interesting on Instagram.

Of course, when her hubby’s out of the picture (literally) she can still bust out the old, reliable sexy selfie:

Jessica Simpson Is 4 Years Sober
Photo via Instagram

That’s Jess sprawled out on the floor of what appears to be a finished basement. She captioned the pic, “I love carpet,” because…apparently she’s no fan of hardwood floors?

We really have no idea what’s going on here, but Jessica seems to be enjoying herself and we’re certainly not complaining.


After all, we’re still in shock from Jessica’s stunning weight loss, and we’re glad she’s continuing to flaunt her MILF-tastic post-baby body online.

As for why she’s lying on the floor, well, Jessica Simpson loves alcohol almost as much as she loves selfies, but we don’t think booze is the culprit here.

Sometimes a carpet-loving girl just sees some prime shag and has to get on top of it. We’ll leave that one alone…